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08/22/22Heather Shimala

Knowing the law and working with experienced professionals is key when a divorce occurs.

07/20/22Heather Shimala

A growing family, working from home, or wanting a larger outdoor space are all reasons to upsize your Dallas real estate.

02/26/22Heather Shimala

Between its Southern hospitality and charming neighborhoods, it’s no surprise that Lantana is a beloved community by residents and visitors alike.

01/20/22Heather Shimala

Neutralize, declutter, and make small repairs to ensure your home attracts the ideal buyers

01/20/22Heather Shimala

Designed with you in mind — how to know if you’re ready for a custom-built Dallas home

01/20/22Heather Shimala

How to make your home stand out on the market

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